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Eco Cotton Bag – Just Be Nice (Assorted Colours)



More about Eco Cotton Bag – Just Be Nice (Assorted Colours)

Eco Cotton Bags help you to replace the plastic bags that are harmful to our planet. Do you ever forget to take bags to the supermarket and end up looking like the uncaring eco-twerp who doesn’t care about saving the earth and has to fork out 5p or 10p to carry your shopping back to the car, and probably choke some poor future sea creature?

Like most things in the last 21st century, farming has really evolved. Cotton in the past 20 years have seen major changes in farming practices to increase overall efficiency. With cotton as popular as ever, so this allows farmers to find a balance between mass production and environmental friendliness.

Then considering the amount of water usage, soil loss, & energy usage associated with producing one pound of cotton, the numbers have declined over the past 2 decades. The good news is that emissions are down a third, too. It’s also important to note that for every pound of cotton fiber, there are roughly 1.6 pounds of other useful products being created, such as cottonseed oil, dairy feed, and mulch.


Size of the bag:

Height 39cm, Lenght 42cm, Width 11.5cm, Weight 160g

Handles: Lenght 63cm, Width 3cm

Additional Information


Black, Red, Green, Blue


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