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Yuuki SOFT menstrual cup (large)


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More about Yuuki SOFT menstrual cup (large)

SOFT menstrual cup (large)

A modern women’s sanitary aid for maximum comfort during your period. The Soft cup is made from softer silicon (shore 40). If you’re quite sensitive, this is the right choice for you. You can choose from two sizes – larger and smaller.


Package contents

  • one SOFT menstrual cups (larger or smaller – the choice is yours),
  • INFUSER BOX disinfecting box,
  • packaging with instructions.



Common Questions & Answers


Which sizes are available and which of them should I order?

Yuuki offers 2 sizes.  One for women who have already given birth and one for women under 28 years of age who have not yet given birth.  The Yuuki cups come in two sizes:  No 1 small and No. 2 big.  The difference between the small and big cups is one of the biggest differences among those offered by cup manufacturers.


It seems very big!  Is it painful to insert and remove?

If you do it correctly and carefully, it should not be painful. Women who have not yet had sexual intercourse may have some problems at the beginning, but they will pass with time. The vagina is able to stretch to allow a baby’s head to pass through it, and the cup is many times smaller. When inserting the cup, you can lubricate it with water or with lubricating gel. When inserting the cup, press its bottom to release the vacuum and take it out carefully.

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What is the useful life of the cup?

Most manufacturers state 10 years.  Theoretically, it can last until the end of ones’s life as it is made of the same type of silicone as that implanted during surgery.  It is up to you whether to purchase a new cup.  Yuuki provide a 2 year warranty on the Yuuki cup.


Can the cup leak?

No, not if it has been inserted correctly and is emptied before it gets completely full.  After inserting the cup, you need to turn it slightly and pull it a bit, to create a vacuum to make the cup stick to the vagina wall.


How come the cup stays in the same position? 

The cup holds firmly thanks to the vagina muscles and the slight vacuum built up inside it.


How often do I have to empty the cup? 

It depends on your period. The intensity of every woman’s menstrual flow varies. If your menstruation is average to heavy, you should empty the cup every 3 to 10 hours. Some women with very low menstruation may even go 12 hours before emptying the cup.On heavier menstruation days, you may have to empty your cup more often. If you have tried already the big cup and have seen that you have to empty it every three hours, you have an extremely heavy period. That need not be a problem but you should discuss it with your doctor. There are means of controlling such heavy menstruation.


Can women with heavy menstruation use the cup?

Yes. Even women with very heavy menstruation can use the cup, but they need to empty it more often or choose the big cup size.


Can I feel the cup when using it? 

Most women do not feel it, particularly if they have cut away the cup stem. Some are aware of having the cup, like having a tampon. The cup is soft, and when you have the right size and type and it is correctly inserted, you should not feel any pain or discomfort.


What does Toxic Shock Syndrome mean?  Is it caused by the cups?

The menstrual cups do not cause TSS. TSS is a disease caused by bacteria proliferating inside absorptive materials such as tampons. It may be dangerous. If you are using tampons, you must beware of TSS symptoms.


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