Playpress Rescue Team


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Rescue Team


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Get your safety equipment built and secured quickly, there’s an emergency in Playpress city! Thank goodness for the local Playpress Rescue Team and services, who just love saving the day.

2 x Firefighters

2 x Police Officers

Pack size – 12.3cm x 12.3cm x 1.2cm

Playpress are an innovative new toy ideal as a birthday party gift, pocket money treat or even a toy to help on long trips.  Each character piece or prop is pressed from board to create imaginative play scenes.  Simple to put together these toys will give hours of entertainment.

The play-board is sourced from PEFC forests, the inks are non-toxic and all the play sets are manufactured in England.  There are lots of sets to collect including a Rescue Team or Search for the Stars with the astronauts.  Why not hold your own Talent Show or have a Check Up or start a Farm.


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